Friday, April 15, 2011

New and Improved!

   The SQL Developer Exchange ,,  has been out there almost since the beginning of the tool.  It's our way to allow users to log requests and have other vote on them.  Then we each release pick off some and put them into the product.  It's been basically unchanged since day 1.  This week I've built a new set of screens which hopefully look better and are easier to use.   We have implemented over 400 requests from users.  The exchange is have a bit of a facelift and if anyone would like to test out the new Exchange go here .  This is the same tables and data underpinnings so if you log or rate a request it will show in both place.

Friday, April 01, 2011

SQL Developer 3.0, XE 11.2 Beta, Developer Days

It is said things happen in threes.

1) SQL Developer 3.0 was release on Tuesday.  Some of the major new/revamped things include migration from Sybase,  Data Miner, Spatial, and Scheduler.  There's a longer list of new things we added which can be read here.  If you have not already, it's downloadable here.

2) OTN Developer Days in Toronto.  We had a great crowd in Toronto.  Chicago is the next stop on April 25th registration is here .  This is a great way to talk with people from development.  We have folks from TimesTen, XML, Java, PHP, Jdev, and .NET all at the event.

3) Rounding out the week.  Oracle XE 11.2 Beta.  After a long wait, it's finally arrived.  It can be downloaded here .  The documentation can be found here. There is a dedicated forum here for any questions or issues you may find.