Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Apex Listener EA2

A new build of the Application Express Listener was just loaded.  This new version adds lots of new features. Check out the Configuration in the install guide.  Here's a screenshot of some of the new options available.

Another new thing is in the log file.  Every 1000th request I print some statistics to the log file.  The statistics include uptime, processing time , min/max/avg/median times for the requests.  Here's an example of those statistics where the listener has been up for 9 hours for a total of 16 minutes of processing time to deliver 79.1M of data.

Current Time:    Wed Dec 02 10:06:02 PST 2009
Server uptime:   0 Days 09:01:32.126
Total accesses:  1.95K
Total Traffic:   79.1M
Total Processing Time:    0 Days 00:16:52.965
Min/Average/Median/Max Processing Time:    6    506    308    12057ms
Min/Average/Median/Max DB Time:    0    288    205    9077ms
Active Requests:    0

1/3 active/available in cache apex


Dimitri Gielis said...

Looks nice!

If I understand correctly I can grant public to a plsql package but limit it through the APEX Listener... that is very cool.

John Scott said...


Very nice indeed. It would also be nice to have the option to have the stats output to a seperate file (other than the main logfile), perhaps in CSV format - as I could then very easily provide live feedback of those stats via an APEX app etc.


Unknown said...

That is correct. This is to help people keep things secure even if they made very wide open grants.

There's a couple things on the stats that I want to do still.

1) offer a callback to log it via a plsql package. Then you can stuff it into a table and do with it as you like.
2) I'm going to create a admin page where you can at runtime tweak with settings and also have the stats displayed there.

I'll check on a separate file but the callback may work better for you.

John Scott said...


Perfect, the callback is even better (I was thinking external table for the file, so it skips that step).