Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Interactive Reports part 2

In this post, I'll show how to add a context menu to a report. The same thing can be done to a tab which has been added which is described in Question #1 here.

For more on the <display> tag see this post. For more on the <item> tag see this post.

Here's an xml file of the 2 combined. The things to look at are that the <item> is inside the <display> . Then look at the bind variables :TABLE_NAME which will be taken from the row clicked on in the grid. Lastly in the sql and confirmation there's #TABLE_NAME# which will also come from the row clicked on and do a replacement of that text.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<display id="" type="" style="Table" enable="true">
<name><![CDATA[Good Stuff Report]]></name>
<description><![CDATA[my great report]]></description>
<tooltip><![CDATA[This is the best report ever]]></tooltip>
<sql><![CDATA[select * from user_tables]]></sql>
<default><![CDATA[select logging from user_tables where table_name = :TABLE_NAME]]></default>
<prompt type="confirm">
<label>Change logging status of selected table?</label>
<sql><![CDATA[alter table "#TABLE_NAME#" #0#]]></sql>
<help>Change the logging status of a table. LOGGING will log changes to the redo log file.<br/>
NOLOGGING will not log changes to the redo log file.</help>
<prompt>Table "#TABLE_NAME#" set to #0#</prompt>

Here's the menu choice:

Here's the dialog:

Here's the confirmation:


Ghassan said...

it's me again. I've generated an 'editor' extension using this 'report' way. I'm adding a contextual menu item. It displays very well, but how do I access the OBJECT_OWNER and OBJECT_NAME in the 'item' code? I'm using :OBJECT_OWNER, but it's giving me an error "missing In or OUT parameter at index:: 1". Any idea?


Kris Rice said...

I never made it smart enough to do that. Instead you cane use the #OBJECT_NAME# for string substitutions. So something like this.

v_name varchar2(200) := '#OBJECT_NAME#';

Ghassan said...

I cannot get it to work.
v_name varchar2(200) := '#OBJECT_NAME#';

object_name is not replaced.
Another question: is there anyway to select a column in the query for a tab, but not show it on screen?


Kris Rice said...

is OBJECT_NAME a column in your query? For context menus, it only know of what is in that query. There's no way right now to select a column and hide it.