Friday, June 08, 2007

What's up

I forgot I added a real simple way to see what DBs are up in sqldev a while back. If in the worksheet, you run a command, F5 (run script), "pingall" it will do a tnsping of all the connections defined and report back. From this screenshot you'll notice most of my DBs are down. My plan was to hook up an indicator in the tree for down database but never got it well tested.


baihao yuan said...

i really like SQL Developer. I just found a small bug, let you know:
1. click 'Open SQL Worksheet'
2. click 'File'->'Open' to load my SQL script.
3. for now, everything is ok. the title of the tab and the title of the main window show the correct script name I just opened.
4. I made some changes, and click 'File'->'Save As' to save it as aother file name. The title of the tab shows the new file name I just specified. But the main window still shows the old file name.
5. The version I use is:
version 1.2.1
Build MAIN-32.13

Kris Rice said...

Thanks. I'll take a look and see what's the issue.