Friday, October 31, 2008


As open world approaches, I'm reminded it's the last time I saw Carl. He will be very much missed this year. Here's a few random quotes going through my IM logs over the years.

yeah doesn't everybody know i'm overqualified for html???

damn you are lazy and i say that with all respect

me: hi
carlback: hello
me: howdy
carlback: cool thanks
me: you are on my dang list now 4 times: carl carlback carlbacktest carlback@gmail
carlback: i have some people to add but for some reason not working in yahoo so going to have them use google talk
carlback: sheeeeeeet, thats cause i have alot to say ;)
me: yeah but no one wants to listen
carlback: luckly i like the sound of my own voice

carlbacktest: last 15% is freakn nightmare

kris rice: I found your freeze issue. I'll have a build in ~5 minute with it fixed
carlbacktest: nice
carlbacktest: what was it
kris rice: It was trying to highlight errors and since you code is perfect there weren't any ;)
carlbacktest: doh

carlbacktest: I mean giant robots!

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John Scott said...


Yeah he's definitely still missed over here too, in the spirit of this I dug through my chat history and came up with these Carlism's

(on talking about the upcoming Interactive reports feature) - whoever knew select * from emp could do so much

(on discussing two different ways to do a particular bit of Javascript) sure, you could do it that way, but you could also bash your brains out with a rock.

(on talking about his upcoming presentation) - well I'm still fitting in undocumented features I can still write about that's how I make sure my stuff is always interesting I cheat

(on talking about another technology - which shall remain nameless!) - they say all the code they don't have to write and then write a bunch of code

(a parting shot) - I've got bugs to create so I can have some job security

(and the last message he ever sent me on MSN) - no worries

which pretty much summed him up as well as any other words I think.